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It's time to sit down, pour yourself a drink and start smiling. You've just found the lushest gardening site on the web.

Welcome to our digital allotment - somewhere to rummage when you've gravelled the lawn, decked the patio, painted the fence blue, and thrown Charlie (pebble-pool) Dimmocks' book in the bin.

Gardening is hip, chic, sexy - the new rock 'n' roll - or so we are told. But where?

Well let's not be bashful, at Greenhills it is for sure. Everyone in the locality is quickly discovering where it's at if you want to be stylish, creative, and have fun with your gardening. But that's not really fair on those of you who haven't paid us a visit yet; those of you who live too far away to be regular frequenters, and; all those of you bored rigid by horticulture's unimaginative pedants. Ho hum!

At Greenhills we stock plants for indoors and out, from small to large to enormous, from common to rare to never-heard-of. We stock everything you need: to plant, to pot, to prune, to spray, to protect, to propagate, to do whatever-you-want-to-do. We have thousands of pots, and hundreds of statues and water features. We have the outrageous, the ridiculous and the indulgent. We have crazy displays and theme gardens, weekend talks and a feng shui specialist. We design gardens and make up planters. We fasten flashing poinsettia lights around willow and birch obelisks, put silk flowers in our gazebos, and scrap metal with concrete in our borders. And when the gates are closed we party.

If you want to join the party then start clicking.

Distinctly Different - is our ethos. It's about plants and products we've discovered, new and sometimes forgotten ways of doing things. It's about how to make changes and how to be different with your garden.

Composting: A guide to making garden waste work for you - Composting is one excellent method to recycle yard waste. It is easy and cost no money. To anyone new to composting, or those who intend to improve their existing compost, I have compiled top tips and materials that will help you get the best result in your yard clearance effort.

Garden Rubbish- is a series of what could loosely be described as alternative articles by our resident columnist, The Composter, who takes a well honed muck-fork to the pomposity of gardeners and their traditions. Warning: this page may contain a liberal sprinkling of worms.

Digital Digging - encompasses what we have to offer in terms of garden design, with projects and ideas.

Feng Shui - is for those of you interested in the ancient Chinese science, and its application in the home and garden.

Shrinking Violets - profiles various staff members, customers and suppliers so you know just who you're partying with.

Garden Path - map, opening hours and stuff.

Feedback- talk to us, ask questions. Respond.

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