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Many people have rather fixed and often negative ideas about what garden design involves. Worse still, some have very real and very negative experience of garden designers and their work. Digital Digging is about allaying such fears, rectifying problems and having fun with a series of suggested projects.

At Greenhills we have professional plants people, experienced in creating gardens and planting schemes. They're available seven days a week to give visiting customers advice on anything from hedge planting to creating a Zen garden.

So what will it be for you? Cottage garden? Formal? Italian? French? Japanese? Mediterranean? Mexican? Modern? Sculptural? Water? Kitchen? Thingermijigermiy?

What do you need? Three metre Italian cypresses, specimen trees and clipped topiary? Got them. Coloured glass stone and wood chip? Got that. Timber decking, log roll, sleepers and really thick rope? Yep. Bamboo poles, screening and edging; bridges, lanterns, pagodas and buddhas, in painted stone or granite; cloud pruned trees, boulders and stones? No problem. Complete water features? Mm huh. All the bits to create something really different? Okay. Silver obelisks, galvanised planters, hardy palm trees and white silk flowers? Next!

You name it and we've got it, with a lot more besides.

If you're short on ideas or have a problem area, don't worry - just ask. We can quickly arrange a site visit and consultation with one of the team.

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