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Feng Shui

For those of you interested in the ancient Chinese science, and its application in the home and garden we are fortunate to have at our disposal the services of Dr Paul Darby. A member of the British Feng Shui Society, consultant, lecturer, author and garden designer - Paul holds surgery at the garden centre most weekends, giving advice on all things oriental. Alternatively, Paul can be contacted by telephone on: 01623 658390 (mobile: 0777 5975908) or via his web site:

He is the resident Feng Shui expert with - search for 'Feng Shui'.

Dr Paul's Gardening Tip of the Month

August 2001


This is the career sector. Ornaments here can be, frogs, fishes and protective warriors. Also useful are tortoises/turtles. A bird bath or water feature can also be placed in this area. Ornaments should be of black or dark blue and made from metal or stone. A rockery is well placed in this area as are small clumps of trees, gentians, ceanothus and clematis.

This is the area of fame, success and public recognition. Known as your ‘Bright Hall’, it should contain red, orange and bright yellow flowers and shrubs. An ornament of the phoenix, cockerel or peacock should stand in this area. It should be well lit, perhaps with garden lights or a Japanese lantern. Red wooden ornaments are also useful in this sector. Plants in this area could include - camellias, sage, coriander, cinnamon, pieris, acer, euphorbia (fireglow), aquilegias and fuchsia (representing lanterns).

This is the sector of health, longevity and the family. It is the area of the green dragon. Dragon ornaments and the colour green should dominate this part of your garden. Also useful in this sector are statues of Buddha, cranes or deer. A water feature could be placed here. Planting might include bamboo, lilac, magnolia, hydrangea and small ornamental trees such as crab apple or cherry. Chrysanthemums can also be used.

This represents children and new projects, hobbies, stages of life and pleasure. It is also the area of the white tiger, who needs to be kept dozing. Use fragrant flowers in this sector. Flowers of white, gold and silver are best. Ceramic ornaments and quartz crystals in these colours are also useful as well as windchimes with six hollow tubes (five is ok, but do not use solid rods!). Any other round shapes are good here including small bells. Plants could include spirea (bridal bower) and convolvus (silver). Do not use tiger statues at all --- far too powerful.

This is the sector of spirituality, knowledge, education and self-growth. You should use yellows and earthly colours in this area. Terracotta pots, ornaments, hanging crystals and Buddhas are all good. Plants could include genista and euphorbia.

An area for new beginnings, mentors, networking, meeting influential people and important meetings. Metallic colours, white and silver are best. Use six tube windchimes in this location as well as stone and metal sculptures.

This is your wealth sector, not only money, but wealth in terms of a full and happy life. Use greens here, representing growth and money. A small water feature in this sector is very lucky, as are wooden ornaments, small leafy plants such as hebes and low growing flowers. Frogs, fishes and toads are ‘prosperous’creatures in this part of the garden.

This part of your garden represents relationships, harmony and marriage-very much the physical side of your life. Use reds and pinks, particularly peonies, genista, euphorbia, tropaeolum as plants. Oranges and yellows are also very good. Ceramic and wooden pairs of ducks, tied together with a red ribbon stand for harmony and close loving relationships. Light the corner with Japanese lanterns, place pebbles and stones within this area. It should look oriental and warm, attracting good chi energy.

Remember to watch Paul - The Feng Shui Doctor on TV - Channel E4 with Dermot O’Leary - "Big Brother’s Little Brother," and see him in the "Big Brother 2" book available at all good bookshops soon!

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