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For many, gardens, gardening, plants, and all things horticultural are a means to earning a living. For some they are the stuff of boredom; for others, rage. For the majority they are pleasure and leisure. It doesn't matter if your five years old or a hundred and five years old, the subject of these pages (and countless thousand like them) will impact your life in one way or another.

There's no escape from plants, if the triffid doesn't get you the lichen surely will. So why? Why does everyone treat the big green 'it' with such seriousness? If only for the sake of a potentilla called 'nuuk', or a series of pansies known as 'Turbo', try to lighten up a bit.

If you think there's more to driving than turbo lag and steering torque, more to eating than a well-greased baking tray, and you think there should be more to gardening than honing secateurs and chilling seeds - then you're in good company. As often as the fit takes me I'll post up fermenting ideas and the occasional heated discussion. I don't expect you to always agree or approve of what I have to say. I certainly wouldn't want you to put into practice any of my machinations, but, if you feel a compulsion to liberate some green manure of your own then send it down the shoot c/o

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